My mission is the story. I look for something interesting, and bring the emotion and stories the big screen. I want to make something unknown relatable, exciting, and worth getting involved. I want to tell your story the right way.


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I'm based out of the St Louis area, but I'm always open to working in other areas or states. Feel free to message me with any questions you might have. I've been working in videography on and off most of my life, but I started taking it seriously in my Sophomore year of college. It was then I realized the medium I had to be able to tell my stories, to be able to share with the world the things I had experienced. 

The great thing about video is it has no limits. You can do literally anything you want with it, which is why my work is so diverse. I've done films, documentaries, a commercial, a little of everything, and I'm still going. To me, every project is a learning experience.