Corporate Pricing

Corporate Video Pricing

After conversations to set the scope of a video project, equipment required would be charged on a per-day basis. All crew required for the project would be charged hourly. The main camera operator rate would be $40/hr, and editing on the project would be charged at $25/hr. Additional crew rates available upon request.

Sony Camera Kits: A7iii, a6300, a6000

Camera Body, Lens, Tripod, Microphone): $100/day each

Aputure Lighting Kit: 5 Lights

120dii (2x), f7 (3x), accessiries: $120

Interview Audio Kit

Tascam DR-10L Lavalier, DR-10X Recorder: $10/day

Specialty equipment

available upon request. Rental cost added to invoice

Additional crew members may be hired if the scope of a given project requires extra manpower. These additions would be discussed well in advance of the first day of production, and built into the cost of the project. We pride ourselves on clear communication, quality crew members, and a detailed attention to detail in all aspects of production. We’ll be the experts in video so clients won’t have to be.

Drafts of the editing process will be scheduled during the planning phase, and will be available on Frame.IO for fast and easy timecode-based commenting and review. A final copy will also be viewable on Frame.IO. Downloads of the final copy will become available upon receipt of the remaining balance.

Check out our gear!

We’ve got a list of most everything we use on our productions over on Kit.com if you’re ever curious.

If you’re looking to buy equipment for your own needs and are curious what you should look at, I can whip up a kit for you once we talk about what need.